Natural Skin Care

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Natural Skin Care

Micro-needling is used for skin rejuvenation. The Derma Pen Machine is an improvement over the famous Derma Roller Device which performed the same procedure with great success. This device works by using tiny needles to repeatedly puncture the upper layers of the skin, tricking the body into thinking it needs to regenerate new and healthy skin.

This technique is safe and is well tolerated as the needles are very tiny and the depth of the punctures is only on the upper layers of the skin. The skin responds to the procedure by growing new collagen layers that are youthful, elastic and smooth. This entire process is natural and noninvasive, unlike Botox or other chemical procedures. You are using your own body’s natural response is to grow new skin!

Thanks to our natural skin care, we have been recognized for excellence. Our skin care clinic speaks for itself and That New Look welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you. When you think of anti aging treatment, we know that That New Look will be the first name that comes to mind in Lauderhill, FL, because no one does a better job.


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